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When do we leave?

As a teacher of small children, it’s important for me to begin a lesson by anticipating needs and possible questions that my students may have before even approaching them with the material. While I’m assuming that those reading this post are not small children, it’s still a good practice. Therefore, I’ve amassed possible questions you may have for me and answered them below.

Wait…you’re leaving!?!?–Er…didn’t I tell you? I got a job in South East Asia teaching English. So, yes. I’m leaving. Or if you’re in Tennessee, I’ve actually already left. Uh…bye.

When are you going overseas?–Well, I go to training in July and I’ll be leaving the USA sometime in September.

Why have a blog?–I enjoy writing! It’s helpful for me to process life, create a positive narrative amidst the stress of moving, and it’ll help my Mom know I’m alive.

Is it that dangerous that your Mom needs to know you’re alive?!?!–Okay, that was a little dramatic. Sorry. It’ll keep my family and friends updated on what’s going on.

What are you going to write about?–Probably just imaginary conversations with my friends. Like this!

……….seriously?–No! I’ll be writing about my experience in South East Asia, including my adventures (and misadventures) in learning the language, learning to navigate a new culture, and how the Father is working where I am! AND I’ll do it all in a fun narrative format! Probably.

How can I be reminded of what you’re doing?–Two ways. You can subscribe to my emails, which will be sent bi-weekly as a way to ask you to lift me up to the Father! The other is to stay updated with the blog. The emails will be shorter, but the blog will be more fun! Both will be helpful to know what’s happening.

Where will you live?–In a house. Or an apartment. I’ll probably have a bed. Maybe air conditioning or a fan of some kind would be nice. I’m not exactly sure.

You don’t sound sure about a lot of things.–That’s not exactly a question, but I get what you mean! I’m trying to keep my heart and hands open to what’s going to happen. That can be the first thing you lift up for me. The more expectations the harder it will be. The less I expect and the more flexible I am, the better!

There’s lots of people going overseas lately. What makes you so special that I should keep up with your blog or your emails?Whoa there sassy-pants! Easy! I guess I’m making an assumption that if you’ve made it this far in this post it’s because you’re either actually curious or you love me enough to hear me out. I’m not asking you to support me because of me, but because of who the Father is. I definitely ask you to be faithful to support me as I’m there. The Father works through the pleas of His people and I need all the help I can get! But there’s nothing that makes me more inherently “special” or “spiritual” as I embark on this experience, it (hopefully) makes me obedient to do as He has called me. If you are being obedient to stay and share with others where you are-then you are also exactly where the Father wants to grow you. We are not “special” because of what we do, we are His. That’s what makes us. Period.

I guess in the end, I’m just a voice in the wilderness. I’m just a face in the crowd. I’m less than most and loved by some.

I’m just a daughter among sons.





…You decided to have that last part because it’s the name of your blog?–You caught that?