T(rain)ing Days

The days are counting down and training days are continuing! It’s surprising how tired I’ve been in the past few weeks. Which (honestly) makes me feel like wimp considering the days only last from 8 to 3 and I’m the student in these scenarios! I’ll just attribute it to summer slump and the extra stress of future changes. Tiredness aside, summer training has also been a lot of fun!

If you want to know what training has looked like imagine this: it’s like a mix of summer vacation and college. Everyone’s ready to play some pick up volleyball and hang out and play boardgames! And yet everyone is extremely stressed and also constantly working on their laptops and assigned reading. Everyone is focused and also willing to get caught in the rain every so often for fun! But, alas, (pause for dramatic effect) the time is so limited! As fun as it is, we all have the same purpose – and that involves leaving in the next few weeks.

Time, however, isn’t a good indicator of depth. By the time we leave I’ll have been been here for only seven weeks, but saying goodbye to these new friends is now added to my “leaving is actually very sad” list (currently looking for better names for my list). I have a feeling that these sweet moments are going to be a consistently fleeting occurrence. Deep and rewarding, with hints of sadness at saying goodbye too soon. There’s a plane to catch. Vacations are over. Time to go to work.

It’s hard to explain because there’s a lot of beauty in the fleeting nature of it, and so much hope is embedded in the time that we have. All of these people seem to me like bright and beautiful lights passing in darkness. And I am one of them. A light in the darkness. A daughter among sons.

Caught in the rain with some sweet friends! 
My current little corner of the world.