Celebrate Good Times!!

We are officially two months in everyone!! And what a crazy month it’s been!

The celebrations began with two weddings that turned into three! Getting ready for weddings here looked a little different here than they did in America. We’re talking long skirts and button down shirts – we’re talking market trips!! Luckily my roommate took me and helped me pick out some skirts and tops!

I finally made it to the market by myself- something that I was dreading. And like most things you dread- it didn’t turn out to be as hard as I thought it would be- that’s a blessing I didn’t expect.

Funny story- after arriving at the wedding, getting a picture with the bride and groom, giving them their wedding present, and eating their food, we realized that it was the wrong wedding!!! We had to jump in the car and drive down the street to the actual wedding before it was over! Talk about a close call! But hey- three weddings are better than two!

She told me she would teach me how to dance. So we danced. By ourselves. In front of everyone. #famoussss

If that wasn’t enough celebration- we just had Thanksgiving in a neighboring country! And what a great time we had! Spending time with friends from the states, good food, and some really great times in the word were a necessity I didn’t even know I needed!

Mango sticky rice at last!! Dreams do come true and they do not disappoint!!
The lanterns!! Am I in Tangled?
Just us and thousands of our closest friends…literally very very close to us.

Does this front backpack make me look like a tourist? Follow up question- is that like, a good look for me, or should I try Hawaiian shorts?

Coming back from vacation is always hard (you mean I have to cook my own food now!?!?) It’s easy to compare your situation to others and throw a little pity party for yourself as you head back to work. And it feels a little overwhelming embarking on the holidays and the extra language learning I’m going to start this month. But looking through all my tourist pictures and remembering that I’m not alone in this overseas endeavor is the best early Christmas present this expat girl could have asked for.

This particular lantern festival is once a year but the date changes based on the lunar calendar. What a blessing that it was during American Thanksgiving this year!!