Life just happens. Has anyone ever said that to you? Life happens? Obviously this is a true statement, I mean, we can’t deny that life just keeps going. New becomes habit. Change become routine, we keep moving and so does everything around us. I usually start writing my blog by looking through the pictures that I have on my phone and then decided what stories to tell. We can call these stories “adventures” if you like, because what is a story if not an adventure that you’ve lived before? We can debate the semantics later…

Just like we can debate whether or not juice is better in a bag or not. This is sugar cane juice with lime. Served in a bag of course – how else would you take it on a motorbike? 

My language teacher needed a ride home after our session and I was happy to have the chance to drive her. She rode side saddle on the back of my bike and spoke to me in my new language, practicing directions, pointing things out, telling me how to drive etc…I watched for traffic, constantly checked my balance so she wouldn’t fall, had to drive with my face shield up so I could hear her (so grit sometimes flew in my eyes), and also was thinking and trying to answer her in a new language. It felt like (what I imagine) juggling to be like. We arrive at her house without incident** and there at her house was her mother and father saying goodbye to two sweet women. They took one look at me and started saying “beautiful! beautiful!” and then walked over to take my picture. Not one to miss out on getting a picture taken, I took out my own phone and snapped a picture. They laughed, spoke to me a little (found out I could only really speak a little) and then waved, jumped on their bike, and headed out.

Totally famous. 

**we didn’t crash

I turned to my language teacher to say goodbye and then asked “Who are they?” My language teacher shrugged. “I don’t know them. Maybe they are neighbors?” Me- …what

Why does this keep happening to me???? #stopAssuming #TalkingToMyself

My new roommate and I have been able to bond more over the weekends when O. and L. go home to visit their families. We’ve worked out a few times, made mac and cheese, and gone shopping in a nearby country!

Traveling to nearby fellowships to see friends, and we had to stop to take pictures of the mountains and rice fields.


It’s been a good two weeks – and with February now beginning I can say that we’re well into 2019! Cheers to more good times and adventures to find!