Pink House, Who dis?

I am happy to announce that I (as well as my four roommates) now live in the girliest house in all of South East Asia. I’m talking hot pink paint on the outside, purple curtains, and Asian TV. I’m talking cozy sitting room. I’m talking friends over all the time. And it. is. the. BEST.

Is it magenta? Is it purple? Is it hot pink? Who cares! It’s the best!
Eating some noodles and celebrating the move!

But moving adds stress, and stress got the better of us for about a month. We passed around a cold, the fever, and some other fun stomach issues that don’t need too much detail. Not coronavirus (though believe me, we’ve been lifting that up and watching it closely) but your sister over here got a weird eye infection that left her looking like a more attractive Quasimodo. (Which is…I mean…the DREAM…I guess?)

This mask is to protect other people form my germs, but oddly enough it does not protect Disney copyright.

2020 so far has really been an exciting time for me and my friends. We’ve been going on lots of walks together, talking to the Father and being intentional about our time with our friends and with the people we daily see.


We’ve transitioned new teammates and my english class is working on a musical for graduation in May and I am blown away daily by their growth in their English skills.


My evening english class is small BUT MIGHTY and I love giving them hard things to learn (like tenses- YIKES) and also I like telling them phrases that an American might say. (So far they add up to: “Be Careful”, “I know how you feel”, and “I have a food baby.” So…the essentials.)


It’s a good life. But if you’re looking me up you’ll have to come down to a different house. Oddly enough, I don’t think you’ll miss it.

My house, not my cows.